Divine Inspiration

I had flat lined a few years earlier than the time this book documents. I was in a routine exam as a heart stent patient when my doctor (in Taiwan) noticed what he thought was something abnormal happening in two of the blood vessels on the front of my heart. . .ou know, the ones that are called “Widow Makers.” As the doctor changed the procedure to one where they would go through the artery on my right arm and into the heart to take pictures, he injected the dye medium. The camera was working well, and I was fully awake watching the procedure on the screen above me - when suddenly, I noticed my blood pressure dropping quite quickly. I watched as the pressure went from 110/80 to 100/65 and down till I was seeing spots before my eyes and around 40/25 and then what you don’t want to see or hear happened: the whine of a heart emergency and the corresponding flat-line. I was dying, I thought, so I yelled at the doctor, and said, “DOC!,” to which he replied, “I know, …cough just as hard as you can.” I did and a few coughs later, my heart came back on line…only to have it stop again in a minute. But this time, when I tried to cough, it hurt so badly that I could barely do it. This time it did not come on line. The flat line continued for what seemed an eternity. I was moving my feet back and forth to see if I was still alive.

I could tell that the doctor was reaching into his memory to try to figure out what had happened to this normally simple procedure. He hit me across the chest and stated that I would be alright, but I could tell that he was genuinely worried about the outcome. Then, I prayed like crazy, “OH GOD, please show the doctor what to do so I can stay here on earth.”

All of a sudden, his thinking became very focused. As I helplessly watched, I could see confidence come across his face and he yelled some orders to the interns around me. One of them ran to the side of the room and brought a shock machine that they would have to use if needed and the other one ran to a cabinet and pulled out the largest epipen I had ever seen. He put it directly into the artery they were using to do the heart catheterization and pulled the trigger. My heart was beating quite quickly with a couple of seconds - beep, beep, beep - and then it slowed down to a little higher than normal.

Next morning, he came and said that he felt he had “inspiration” to know exactly what was happening. They were using a much more sophisticated camera that took a new dye medium. I was allergic to it and went into anaphylactic shock and my heart would not keep beating till the epipen was administered.

The main thing I learned from that experience is the effectiveness of prayer in a critical moment. Would the doctor have known what to do if I had not prayed? Maybe and maybe not. But I did pray and he did admit that he felt “inspired.”

What about you? Have you ever experienced God coming through in a critical moment because you prayed, especially during an NDE. Feel free to submit your story on our submission page. We will review it and if approved, we will post it for others to read.