Evading Death's Grip

To read Evading Death's Grip is to become enlightened. Dr Long's detailed account of his return from the "other side" is extremely memorable to me. There is so much to be learned from Steve's book, especially by those who question the existence of spiritual warfare and God's omnipotence.

Glenn Chrisman, Magazine Editor

Enjoyed this book immensely from a number of standpoints. Steve's renditions of the NDE's, especially his personal one, very provocative and challenging. His command and presentation of the Christian doctrines plus scriptural documentation extremely instructive, humble, and persuasive…excellent primer for any of us…New Jerusalem, heaven, spiritual warfare discussions, helpful appendices, and the Q and A sections likewise, very helpful to anyone, new or old in theology. In short, this book really turned me on!

William H. Targgart, MD

Dr. Steven Long has taken a series of near death experiences, starting with his own as an unusual means to present the Gospel and its importance to everyone. I don't believe that anyone could read this book without being challenged to consider the life changing importance of the Biblical Gospel, that "Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures" as the key to an abundant, eternal life. While not many will have the kind of near death experiences that Dr. Steven describes for both himself and others, no one can doubt the veracity of what he has to say and his own conclusions. Knowing Steve personally through many discussions at a men's Bible study, I appreciate his thorough knowledge of the scriptures, their authority and their application to every one's life experiences which he brings out so well in this book.

John H. Jenks, Retired civil engineer

The urgency of choosing wisely for eternity has never been presented more forcefully than in Dr. Steven Long's new book, Evading Death's Grip. Beginning with a riveting account of a 2014 heart attack and subsequent NDE's that changed and refocused his entire life, Steve goes on to present in the starkest terms possible the consequences of choosing for God - and choosing against Him. Steve's message couldn't be clearer - don't wait until you're in your own white room to get your eternal destiny settled. Do it today. Highly recommended.

Edward Schmeichel, Professor (emeritus), San Jose University

Steve Long returned from 20 plus years in Taiwan to head the International Students Christian Outreach program at Stanford. It was being sponsored by our church in nearby Menlo Park. He joined the men's fellowship group at the church where we became friends. Even prior to his near death experience, Steve had a fascinating life. In the 20 plus years he and his wife Vicky lived in Taiwan, they created a program for the schools called Global Champions. This program, taught in middle school, enhanced the lives of more than three million children there. They now are working to bring this program to U.S. schools. Steve's experiences escaping death is an awe-inspiring story that awakens new vistas in your thinking. I think you will enjoy this book very much.

Paul Ely, Retired Management Executive, Hewlett Packard

If you've ever wondered what happens after death as we know it, you've got to hear about it from someone who's experienced it! Steve's genuine narrative implores the reader to give important thought the implications of our present choices on our eternal future, and challenges everyone to choose the path to light over darkness.

Audrey K. Bowden, PhD, Assistant Professor, E.E., Stanford University

Dr. Steven Long's book Evading Death's Grip is one the most important books that a believer or non-believer can read. The author had his own Near Death Experience (NDE) which he details for the readers. And he did extensive research on other people NDEs. He reasonably concludes that destiny (eternal life) "is not a matter of chance; it's a matter of choice." Ours!

Duane E. Clapp Jr., Retired lawyer, Menlo Park, California

If you have even a passing interest in eternal life, Near Death Experiences (NDEs), and good and evil, you should read Evading Death's Grip, by Dr. Steven W. Long. Dr. Long vividly writes about his journey of faith-from skeptic to follower of Christ-and how his experience with an NDE and other's experiences helped form a biblically consistent framework to consider for eternal life and the battle between good and evil in the world. Faith is a decision. Reading Evading Death's Grip may be just what you need to make that decision.

Skip Vaccarello, Business leader, author of 'Finding God in Silicon Valley'