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Evading Death's Grip

Can people die, or have near-death-experiences, and come back to life again?

Is it possible to experience the afterlife in advance or are such impressions merely the result of brain chemistry changes at the point of death?

Is there really an eternal destination after death? With so many people claiming to have these kinds of encounters, shouldn’t we investigate them?

In Evading Death’s Grip, Dr. Steve Long shares his personally-driven perspective on this vital subject. After experiencing a heart attack and subsequent near-death-experiences (NDEs) while in Taiwan, he was allowed to return to his body, ‘re-entering’ this natural world with a brand-new set of values and insights.

Since that pivotal point in his life, Dr. Long has researched around 1,500 sources of NDEs and out-of-body experiences, and has become an experiential and well-read expert in this intriguing and important field of study. Many of his findings are included in this book. Once you read these riveting accounts, you will know—more than ever—what path truly leads to eternal life.

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